Your Helpdesk


Hey there fellow student!

As you clicked on the English button, you’re probably either here on exchange (Erasmus, Joint Study, ISEP etc.) or you come from another country and study in Graz on a permanent basis.
There are many events, benefits and consultation offers for you too! The easiest way for you to get information is to contact our buddies from Erasmus Student Network Graz, or our Department for foreign students, depending on your status (permanent or exchange). These organizations have a lot of experience, speak many languages an can definitely help you.

Exchange Students

If your’re on exchange, Erasmus Student Network will be perfect for you to get help regarding student-life in Graz. (Facebook)

Foreign Students

If you’re in Graz to study permanently, please contact our Department for foreign students. They will help you in every situation regarding your student-life. (Facebook)